Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gold prices down 45.2 million / tael

Gold prices down 45.2 million / tael

USD exchange rate increased an average interbank dong to 20,618 dong 10. Gold prices down 400 thousand in the world.
In Hanoi, gold company VBDQ Bao Tin Minh Chau is trading at 44.2 to 45.1 million / volume. In the city. Ho Chi Minh, gold company Saigon VBDQ SJC buy sales in the 44.7 to 45.2 million / tael, down 400 thousand compared with late Tuesday.

Gold VBDQ factoring company SBJ SBJ at 44.61-45.09 million / tael, keep prices down 400 thousand but the purchase price.

In today, the domestic gold market has a volatile session as the decision of banks to import gold and continuous trading activities of investors. Last day, but prices remained above 45 million / volume and 2 million compared to the morning because of high world prices climb.

Economic experts said that gold prices is due to the world, but the higher domestic gold to approximately 2 million / volume clearly shows the price of gold is being done and speculative activities in the manipulation it.

On world markets, gold record for the second consecutive session at $ 1,782.5 / ounce the day 9 / 8 as the Fed pledged to keep the base rate at low levels until at least mid-2013.

Prices later retreated from highs as stocks rise on strong as investors optimistic Fed's policy statement. Closing session on 9 / 8, gold prices in December stood at $ 1,743 / ounce, up $ 29.8 1.7% ie from the previous session.

USD exchange rate is the average inter-bank banks announce applied on 10 / 8 at 20,618 VND / USD, up 10 compared to yesterday and was adjusted after the first 26 sessions remain.

Exchange rate ceilings applicable to banks today is 20,824 VND / USD

Since the weekend so far, the dollar's free-market continuously pushed, there were up to 21,300 VND / USD. USD exchange rates of commercial banks were also pushed higher, with prices that have hit the ceiling.
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