Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fed keep interest rates super low-to mid-2013

Fed keep interest rates super low-to mid-2013
U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) policy will remain ultra-low interest rates from 0% - 0.25% in 2013 to the middle, and lower growth prospects for the U.S. economy. With this policy, the Fed expects U.S. growth will stimulate spending and boost economic growth which is "very low" compared to forecasts made ​​in their last meeting in June.
In addition, the Fed said it will use additional tools to deal with the situation of high unemployment, the real estate market to grow weak.

However, the Fed also cut the prospects for U.S. economic growth in the next quarter due to the relatively slow recovery, and inflation will remain stable in the long term due to price some commodities is lower.

The decision of the Fed can be seen as the biggest effort since 11/2010 month to stimulate economy, restore confidence. The move also aims to pave the way for the easing of quantitative 3.
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