Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MP Cube LS iPhone 4 Theme

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Hello everyone I am starting this thread because I have created my own custom Cube LS mod and I would like to share it with the entire community and all creators and moddersNow I know this has been done before and all though inspired by those mods this is my own version which Ive been wanting to do for a while now.The cube code used in this LS is open source code which I found via hours of google searching a while back lol............started out as just a single image on either side now I have customized it so there are multiple slideshows,weather and clock calendar on the four sides.My goal here is on the same lines as the uniAW............this LS is super customizable you can add almost any of your favorite weather mods,clock mods,SS mods and your own custom framework around the cube to either side with some slight modifications so can be used with virtually any theme out there.Click the Original release link to learn more about how to install it.

 Author: Max_Pa1n

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