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Ford Evos Concept

Ford Evos Concept
Ford Evos Concept

Ford EVOS Concept Front end in motion
Ford One. The automaker set every asset, to challenge the odds of the Great Recession without government handouts, becoming a successful sale of shares of all the extra brands, returning to its roots and its core unification models in North America, Europe and Asia for the first time since, probably, Model T.

Ford EVOS Concept Front three quarter

This means that it's all over for the current Fusion and Mondeo. If you've been waiting for a killer deal on one of those, now is the time. Concept Ford Evos will debut in mid-September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, International, and the smart money says you'll see most of its exterior design, and even some of the interior design, to manufacture a new version of Fusion, he bows to the North American International Auto Show in January next year in Detroit.

When "Alan (Mulally, FoMoCo CEO) arrived, the end of '06," Ford KOK J Mays said: "He made my life much easier, because when we were designing cars for the three regions in the past, he said," Why don 't We do this once? I'm all for it. "

Ford EVOS Concept front three quarters doors open Ford EVOS Concept   

Ford EVOS Concept rear three quarters Ford EVOS Concept   

Mays will not go on record that Evos is the next Fusion / Mondeo, however. The concept of C-car (Focus) in length, and C / D-plus vehicle width. "I would say from 85 to 90 percent of what you see here, you see, this DNA construct in a short time came to produce," he says.

One Ford, as we have noted many times, the mirror image of Volkswagen of America's new strategy. Passat 2012 more than the rest of the world, except China counterpart, the VW is targeting specific models for our market. This does not mean that the One Ford global fully oriented, its highly successful series F (a model that generates extreme jealousy among companies like VW and Toyota), is likely to remain a best seller in the country for many years, and '15 Mustang will continue to US-oriented icon no matter where it is sold.

Ford EVOS Concept Cockpit

"On the Taurus, because we look at this vehicle as a possible vehicle that may at some point be sold outside the United States, that one I think in the future there is a possibility of inheritance of this design language," Ford Design VP Mays says.

Ford Evos Concept Interior view

If the new Focus is any guide, 2013 Ford Fusion will be something like 80-90 percent that the European Ford Mondeo will be jumping into the market less than six months after the '12 VW Passat. Right at the top of '13 Chevrolet Malibu (Motor Trend, September). Among all the new '12 Toyota Camry, Honda Accord '13, '13 and Nissan Altima. For a safe, boring car segment, it will be fun. This is the largest U.S. market, even if Europe prefers Focus C-size car segment.

Ford EVOS Concept steering wheel

Ford EVOS Concept badge
On the design side, the two most important signals seem grille and coupe-like roof. Martin Smith, "Kinetic" design language features inverted trapezoid grille at the bottom, as found at the Fiesta and Focus.

"We've taken the best of what we consider the kinetic design language, and we have created a Global Language Design," says Mays. Yes, it's all in capitals, because that is its official name. "This evolution of kinetic, if you want to see it that way."

Evos "inverted trapezoid, moved from the lower fascia to become a grate car." The new face of Ford "does not need a large lower grille for air intake, Mays said. In fact, while Mays insists '15 Mustang will thoroughly American in its design language, he admits that some signals of the Global Design can seep in. grille Evos' looks like a grill in the prediction of Motor Trend, that the next Mustang will look like.

Ford Evos concept Logo
The concept of playing to "coupe-like roof," because, as a concept car, it seems, two-door coupe. No, Ford will not go into these waters blind design.

"The reason we're doing it for show business," says Mays. "This makes it perfect for photographers who want to shoot the interior. And it also gives us some theater for the show."

Keep in mind that Mays did not really say anything about the '13 sedan production model. This notion of read-only.

Ford EVOS Concept front

Ford EVOS Concept
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