Friday, August 12, 2011

Sales of inter-bank trading down 30%

Sales of inter-bank trading down 30%

As reported by commercial banks faster, the total amount of transactions on the interbank market during the period 3/8/2011 to date approximately 116,650 billion VND and USD 2,643 million, an average of approximately 23,330 billion VND and USD 529 million / day.

Compared with the previous week, sales transactions decreased 30.5% USD, USD sales transactions 2% reduction.

During the week, the USD traded mainly on the overnight period, with sales reaching 57,024 billion, accounting for 49% of total sales.
This week, trading U.S. $ 6 month period incurred negligible.

Trading in dollars overnight to reach USD 1,401 million, equivalent to 53% of total sales.

VND inter-bank interest rate decreased 3.58% 6 months

The average interest rate on interbank USD to rise slightly 08.03.2011 for 1 month and term deposits.

Overnight rates and 6 months decreased relative to the previous period decreased by 1.56% and 3.58%. The remaining term interest rates reduce the rate decreased from 0.10% to 0.42%.

The average overnight interest rate currently at 11.11% / year. Average interest rate of the remaining terms ranging from 12.30% to 13.62% / year (excluding non-term interest rates).

For transactions in U.S. dollars, this week, the USD interest rates on average increased in most of the period; to increase from 0.06% to 0.85%. Particularly the interest rate reduction 0.13% a month.

The average overnight interest rate at 1.29% / year, up 0.17%, average interest rates for the remaining terms ranging from 1.96% to 3.40% / year.

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