Sunday, August 14, 2011

Open Account Business Guide Gold

Open Account Business Guide Gold, Foreign Hoitruc online
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Dear friends,
The time at home and abroad there are many financial trading floors. To open an account for their gold trading, forex psychology of investors prefer to locate the international floor, simply because international transaction costs are low floor and never have so-called commission fees as floor in many countries. And the truth is there is very little a few international floor is guaranteed to be a low transaction fee in accordance with the original charge of international market and never collect so-called commission's charge investment. A few floors that Admiral
Transaction fees: one of the lowest in the international arena, the key pair from a pip, no commission charges
Not specified minimum margin (just $ 100 you were able to open accounts to trade in gold, foreign exchange)
Allows dealing with a lot of very small volume: 0.01 lot is suitable for you to practice trade without fear of loss, because trade is a lot 00:01 very little money.
Meta4 of Admiral Makets software that supports a lot of technical analysis tools and special parts to provide an update of economic indicators, the economic situation of constant help investors understand the information quickly and most swiftly.
Use of trading software that supports the Vietnamese language Meta4 extremely convenient for Vietnam trader uses.
Recharge: using prepaid cards, as you recharge your phone card, the money will be immediately on your account
Withdrawal: Money is only drawn on bank accounts in Vietnam and conditions Name of bank account holders must be full name of the account transactions. So even if someone knows all the personal information or account information such as passwords and we can not withdraw our money out.
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