Friday, October 14, 2011

oAsis HD bAd Theme for iPhone 4

Blue color oAsis HD theme. v.1.5

A unique bAdGB (FlyBriTN + Ibnyaffa) Theme, that brings absolute depth to your screen, with sunken icons, to loading screens that makes you feel like you could fall into, along with clean sharp graphics and eye popping color. This theme is the one for you. At the top of the most complete UI themes. This theme is fully compatible from 4.0 up through 4.3.3 firmware! Includes Animated Weather Lockscreen, not only one but 2 Homescreen weather widgets & Several wallpapers to choose from. Auto skins all App Store icons, over 150 cydia app icons! themed apps include *Notes *Phone dialer *SMS *Calendar *Youtube *Compass *App Store *iTunes *Mapps *VoiceMemos *Weather app skinned *Clock app/World Timer completely skinned *Calculator *Music *iRealSMS *biteSMS *Settings *Pandora *Live Clock icon *Live Weather icon *iAcces Keyboard *Loading Screens Plus more! (yes this one is loaded) oAsis HD Sbsettings, oAsis HD LockInfo theme oAsis HD Color Keyboard & oAsis HD Snow Cover 4 are also avaiblable separately on Cydia. More colors of this theme will be available soon To see how to set up weather location, visit Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google