Friday, August 12, 2011

Join gold, money in one bag?

Join gold, money in one bag?
Many gold shops listed in the sale purchase price difference of nearly a million / tael for profit.
In the last few days the price of gold dancing, public enterprise in question (DN) business, shop gold-dollar profits from the listing of the purchase price difference of nearly 1 million / volume.

Gold Shop: Listed difference to avoid risks

For example, days 9-8, the top price of gold shops listed are sold 46.3 million / volume, while the purchase price to only 45.4 million / volume. That is the price difference between buying and selling nearly a million / tael.

Also as at 17 am on 11-8, gold bought 45 million / volume, sold 45.5 million / output, difference of 500,000 VND / luong.Vang SBJ purchased 45.21 million / volume, sold 45.9 million / output, difference of nearly 800,000 / tael. Golden Dragon Thang Long bought 43.5 million / volume, sold 44.1 million / output, difference of 600,000 / tael.

So people need to buy gold to hold the price crisis, and the gold shop to purchase with low prices, almost as good as gold the previous day's trading. If recited on the sales transaction of a few thousand taels of gold trading companies that are making big money by listing the difference between purchase price is terrible.

Understanding this paradox, a gold shop owner in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, said the private gold store based on current gold prices of the brand listed SJC gold as a standard. The purchase price of SJC gold prices made the market acceptance. The small businesses based on this price, that fluctuation of the market is self-adjusted price.

"The store was listing price of gold itself has a very long time and people to buy gold is not wondering why such a list price" - the gold shop owners said.

The owner of a gold shop at An Dong Market in District 5 explain every fluctuation of gold salon sale price listed themselves vary with large amplitude losses. "Gold shop to rent business premises, hire people who worked ... Now I do not normally say, but changes that do not adjust themselves to lower the purchase price when the gold price to shop à hole" - all gold shops This confided.

So open the floor for gold

Thus in the current gold market is vulnerable on the management of transactions.

The listing price is only bluff so people can buy gold in a "surfing", is the dominant psychological damage is ....

Vu Ngoc Duy, Deputy Director of Institute for Banking Strategy, that business can have a thickness of gold gap between the bid and sell from each other for profit. Previously, the only difference is only gold from 8000 to 10,000 contracts, which at just 5,000 contracts. Now a difference of only several tens of thousands of gold contracts.

But in the company, explained to the listing price difference, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, General Director of JSC Business and gold investment in Vietnam, that there were two reasons. First is the company depends on the amount bought and sold throughout the day to coordinate accordingly.

For example, if there are more buyers, the company will post a higher price to ensure a balance between buyers and sellers. This also means that the balance of the gold that DN is stored. Monday, the amplitude of the world gold price in the past so large companies dared not for a narrow margin, the risk will be higher. This means that businesses make wide margin is the margin of the world gold price.

He also said that the price fluctuation is now the State should not manage the market to adjust. "I suppose you want to delete the gap amplitude is the only way to open gold trading countries. At that purchase price, the sale will be matching the world price of gold "- Hai said.

Nguyen Hoang Minh - Vice Director of the SBV Ho Chi Minh City Branch: Active in the operating

SB these days HCM City Branch has closely followed fluctuations in the gold market for TP monitor management. Before the large fluctuations of the gold market, State Bank Branch City has proposed a mechanism central bank supervision, especially in operating the gold market by market mechanisms. That is to closely monitor changes in world gold prices, have forecast, is active in the administration to not create shocks in the price of gold, do not let the people rushing to buy gold, companies would import quota gold ... then the intervention is not stable. Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google