Friday, August 26, 2011

How To Find A Winner The Best Forex Trading Robots

How To Find A Winner. The Best Forex Trading Robots
Do Forex robots work? Let’s be honest, 90% of what you will find out there advertised in magazines, late night TV and on the internet is just pure junk. That said, there are mechanical Forex systems being traded in hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions every single day. It all boils down to the design of the Forex robot in question, because like any other system, if you put garbage in, you will definitely get garbage out. By the end of this article, you will know how to toss out the garbage to uncover the best Forex trading robots out there.

How To Find The Best Forex Trading Robots

Remember to read this with care, the problem and the methods have many types of differences. Obviously, not every Forex trading robot out there is legit. There are some very poor robots out there, and whether that is due to sheer dishonesty or just bad design is debatable. It does not matter, because your job is to find the best Forex trading robots to trade with solid money management principles. Here’s how I cut through the garbage very quickly: I ignore any Forex robot trader that promises a huge return in a matter of weeks, and I ignore those that promise a very high win rate. Based on my extensive testing experience, I have come to learn that Forex trading robots with these characteristics just do not work, period. Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google