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EURUSD daily chart analysis Ichimoku 08/08/2011

EURUSD daily chart analysis Ichimoku 08/08/2011

A long green candle - the bulls are back.
In the hourly chart (lower left chart below) clearly shows the long hours candle clock 18:00 (136 pip trading range) - the first reaction to rumors that Standard & Poor's to downgrade the stock exchanges senschluss USA. The rumor was fact: The U.S. has lost its triple A.

It remains to be seen how the markets react negatively to the downgrading of the creditworthiness of the United States by the (U.S.) Rating agency Standard & Poor's AA + with a view ... "No impact on financial markets predicted" (FTD) ....!!!

"Buy the rumor - sell the news" or "sell on rumors, buy on bad news"?
Back to 18:00 hours clock candle: overshoot on the cloud, the cloud top closing price limit, then it went up. The cloud has been the central element of Ichimoku.
Back to Daily chart: The Ichimoku signals are neutral in the sum - almost in wait on the market reaction. Sunday evening we will know more.

The Ichimoku signals: 2 x shorts, 1 x Neutral 2 x Long
1st Course on Kijun
2nd Course under cloud
3rd Chikou under his candle under cloud
4th Golden Cross Tenkan / Kijun
5th Dead Cross Senkou 1 / 2 Senkou

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