Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Darkhaz3 HD for iPhone

After the spectacular success of BlackHaz3-HD there now is a new successor called DarkHaz3-HD.
This theme is really astonishing - it has the class and style of the original BlackHaz3-HD but it has so much more. The robust but jet classy design of the icons gives it a refined look, and some very cool new and original widgets! This theme has so many options it will fits everyone's needs. You can really show of your iPhone with this theme! PLS Note: All Themes @iHaz3 makes are fully HD and SD compatible!
Widgets that are included in this theme: Tilt BallGame Widget ~ Wen you tilt the iDevice you can play with a ball using the accelerometer (This is in beta stage), Tilt Wallpaper Widget ~ Wen you tilt the iDevice you can slide the wallpaper tilting your iDevice (This is in beta stage), A Elegant HomeScreen widget showing the time,date and temp on a spectacular way, A OldSkool Haze-Development Weather widget, A Feed Widget (RSS ~ HazeDevelopment) ~ can be set to your own RSS feed, A Tab 2 Unlock Widget.
Other: Lockinfo theme, SlideAway Theme, ColorKeyboard Theme, SBSettings theme, 2 Dark Folder Theme options, LockScreen Theme, Grey Dark UI Theme, Tab 2 Unlock Theme, Twitter Theme ~ for iPad and iPhone, All native Apple Applications are fully skinned (Default Apple Apps).
DarkHaz3-HD for iPhone has 17 WinterBoard Items so enough to play around with. This is really a Elegant Dark theme to rock your iPhone or iPad and may be seen with it! Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google