Friday, October 14, 2011

CyanHD Theme for iPhone 4

Welcome to CyanHD a very Complete and Smexy theme (Yes I said smexy) in Cyan you get Full UI, With Compass, Phone, Calculator, Media Player, Weather, Safari and so Much more themed.


You have a choice of two sets of icons for when y'all want to change it up a bit. There is also a great animated LockScreen for your viewing pleasure along with your standard lockscreen. Every App Store will theme with the Icon mask. You also get FaceTime Themed and y'all won't see that in to many themes these days, also a theme for Androidloader if your rocking that tweak. But don't let me tell ya, everything that is themed please Download CyanHD and have a look for yourself. And for you SD device users don't worry I didn't forget about you cause inside this theme you will also Find the SD version Just check it off in WB ;) And have a look at the sleek SBSettings theme I have created for CyanHD and if you have the ColorKeyboard Tweak you will be happy to know it's a great CK so don't forget to download it. For Changing everything like Weather,Name etc... Please Read the read me File. If you have questions or request you can email me via Package or search Jima6636 on youtube. Color Mods coming.

Author: Jima6636 Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google