Thursday, October 20, 2011

LUST HD/SD Theme for iPhone 4

Introducing the Sexy Red Neon theme: LUST HD


Themes includes:
- Sexy Auto-create all Appstore icons & Many common Cydia apps
- Full detailed UI
- UISounds
- Status bar icons + Customized Progressing gears
- Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Compass, Mail, Media player, Messages, iPod, Notes, Safari, Phone, Voice Memos, Weather, BiteSMS apps skinned
- Dock app skinned!
- WhatsApp partially skinned (this was not easy for me )
- Live clock, Weathericon
- Unique iAcces keyboard theme
- 3 Springboard Widgets + 1 LS Widget
- SBSettings theme
- Wallpapers, LockBG are included in main theme- Extra folder

*** It contains LS SS images and SB Slideshow images, you need to copy n paste them to the corresponding LS or SB widget images folder and overwrite the old one (back up if you need to).

Future Extra packages will include:
- Colorkeyboard theme (1st experiment- theme-ing CK is harder than iAcces )
- Big icon options with customized icon layout (Iconoclasm)
- Android Lock XT theme
- Color mods for sure
- Others Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google