Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looking application of the minimum wage this month

«Finance»: «honor» Looking application of the minimum wage this month
Ministry denied the financial reports during the past few days about re-consider the application of the minimum wage, and postponed due to lack of inclusion in the new budget for the current fiscal year (2012/2011), confirming that the first of August will see the exchange planned increase in salaries for workers administrative system of the State less than 400 pounds, for up to 700 pounds per month.

In the same context, he met Acanutorasam Sharaf, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, on Monday, his office, Dr. Hazem Beblawi, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance, where they reviewed during the meeting, a number of issues, regardless planned increase in salaries with effect from the salary of July, which will be cashed on the first next month, in addition to review the situation on the reserve of foreign currency to buy supplies of Ramadan and other issues.
And student honor, the Ministers of Economic Community, the need for immediate action to control Osarasala markets, and the face of the recent surge in Osarasala ration, including reducing the pressure on the market and contribute to lower prices, especially near the holy month of Ramadan.
The news circulated during the past few days, units, administrative departments and government agencies, refer to the unresolved fate of the application of the minimum wage announced by the government recently represented by the Ministry of Finance, said that the financial allocations necessary for the disbursement of salary increase has not been monitoring budget new, stressing that the increase Hawwafzalathabh by 200%, differs from the minimum.
In turn denied Fattah al-Jabali, Advisor to the Finance Minister, the supervisor on the study of wage reform, the news, saying not true, and noted the commitment of his ministry as announced in the previous procedure for the application to increase the minimum to 700 pounds, ruling out the possibility of doubling this limit at this time to 1200 pounds, as reported, and stressed that this action cost the budget about 42 Milirzinah in light of the increasing deficit, and the current economic challenges.
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