Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ford Raptor

Based upon the hugely popular F-150 range, the new SVT Raptor version features a significantly reworked suspension set-up to ensure a perfect blend of on-road dynamics and high-speed sand-racing ability.

A key difference between the Raptor and ‘stock’ F-150s - beyond the oversized grille and orange hue – is its aggressive stance, especially considering it’s 177mm wider.

Interior design is outlandish yet borders on right side of tasteful. The steering wheel is wrapped in black leather and features a molten-orange leather strip that serves as a centring sight line.

Active Ford Raptor Blacked Out

Impressive Ford Raptor Blacked Out

Boosting traction are a radical set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA/KO 315/70 tyres running on 17-inch mags, bolstered by a rear differential lock which can be engaged on the move. The range of stability systems are tailored to an off-road bias, ensuring optimal stability during dune jumping manoeuvres; ABS though, stays engaged at all times, enabling the hill descent control to function. Powering the heavily styled Raptor on display at SEMA is a 235kW 5.4l Triton V8 which also brings 529Nm to the game. The range is expected to be bolstered by a 300kW 6.2l V8 by the end of 2009, though the large capacity V8 engine – codenamed Boss by Ford insiders – had the skids put on its development cycle at the height of the oil price spike midway through 2008.

Ford Raptor Blacked Out With GPS

"With the F-150 SVT Raptor, we changed the axle, the whole front suspension is different – new upper A arm, new lower A arm, new tie rod, new half-shaft joints,” said Jamal Hameedi, Ford SVT chief engineer. “It’s well beyond what SVT has ever done with one of our vehicles.” In addition to a beefed up suspension, the F-150 SVT Raptor also boasts unique internal bypass Fox Racing Shox, the only internal bypass shocks on a street truck. It endows the Raptor with 292mm worth of wheel travel op front and 330m at the rear. A position sensitive dampening internal bypass feature allows the shock to become significantly stiffer as it travels, preventing the truck from bottoming out.

Ford Raptor Blacked Out Seats View

Cool Ford Raptor Blacked Out In Black Color

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