Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dream Theme for iPhone 4

From my last theme DeZire, ladies and gentlemen...Let me introduce you to Dream. version 2.1


"Like a Dream... the way YOU want it"

Main features:

1. Fully integrated never-before-seen "Setup Menu"
- Select how many pages you want!
- What pages you want!
- Have which icons you want, where you want!

2. Beautiful User Interface
- A new way you will use your device (and not look back!)

3. Unique Lockscreen
- No more boring slide to unlock
- Actually unlock your device!

4. 30 Handpicked Wallpapers
- Only the best specifically chosen wallpapers
- Split into 6 Schemes
- All wallpapers are full HD panoramic images to suit all types of people

5. Dream "Menu"
- Access all configuration options from one menu
- Editing mode, change wallpaper, go into Setup Menu

6. Over 400+ Icons on first release
- The theming community as joined together to bring you this large collection of icons
- Icon Creators: Aenima113, 1wildcat1, winfis, dudeski, RokinDeez (and more to come!)

- Don't just dress your springboard!
- Dream has you covered with complete UI and most stock apps

8. Drawer styled folders
- Don't want to clutter your springboard?
- Neatly arrange your remaining icons in folders that slide out when you need them.

Trust me when I say, you want this theme!

Author: unoimkll Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google