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Ford Focus

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a compact car introduced to North America in 1999 for model year 2000, now in its second generation. The North American models were initially co-developed with the international Focus which debuted at the 1998 Paris Motor Show and were eventually manufactured and sold worldwide, including South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.
Ford Focus

First generation North American Focus models paralleled the international Focus using the C170 platform for sedan, hatchback (3 and 5-door), and wagon configurations – with an intermediate facelift for the 2005 model year.
Where second generation North American Focus models continue with the C170 platform beginning with model year 2008 – in sedan and coupe configurations – the international Focus introduced in 2005 employs the newer C1 platform for sedan, hatchback (3 and 5-door), and wagon configurations.

Ford Focus

Focus production in North America had been shared between Wayne Stamping & Assembly in Wayne, Michigan (sedans and wagons) and Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly in Hermosillo, Mexico (hatchback models) before consolidation of all production at Wayne Assembly in 2006.
The Focus replaced the Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer and Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique[citation needed] in North America and won North American Car of the Year award for 2000 (the Ford Focus (international) won European Car of the Year in 1999).

Ford Focus 2009
Together with their global siblings, Focus models rank as the 40th bestselling automotive nameplate worldwide[citation needed], with over 5 million sold. While U.S. sales of the Focus peaked in 2000 at 286,000 vehicles, the Wall Street Journal reported in May, 2009 an estimate that the Ford Focus lost as much as $1 billion a year.
Ford Focus
Ford began marketing the Focus in October 1999 for model year 2000 initially as 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and 5-door wagon — with a 5-door hatchback debuting for model year 2002 model at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. The Focus became one of the ten best selling cars in America shortly after its introduction.
Ford Focus ST

Focus models had been designed under the directorship of Richard Parry-Jones and were noted at introduction for their styling, class-leading rear suspension and tall interior packaging  — as well as a stiff and light body structure, low-friction steering and suspension, and extensive safety and convenience features including driver and passenger airbags, available head-and-chest side air bags, rear ISOFIX child-safety seat attachments, safety belt system with pre-tensioners and load-limiting retractors, battery saver to automatically switch off lights after 10 minutes, interior theater dimming, and flip-up/flat-folding rear seat cushions.

Ford Focus 2010

The Focus' styling, often noted as polarizing, was marketed by Ford as New Edge design. The design language had been overseen by Jack Telnack and Claude Lobo and executed by Australian designer, John Doughty.

ford focus tuning

In 2000, Karl Brauer, writing for described the styling: "While ergonomically sound, the Focus' interior, like its exterior, displays much of Ford's New Edge philosophy that had editors split on loving or hating it." Sherri Koucky, writing for said the styling "mixes round shapes with funky geometric ones and adds sharp angles, somehow making them all work together."

Ford Focus RS

5-speed MTX-75 manual
6-speed Getrag manual (SVT)
5-speed IB5 (CVH/SPI Engine only)
4-speed 4F27E automatic (Zetec and Duratec)
4-speed F-4EAT automatic (CVH/SPI Engine only)

Ford Focus 2012

For the 2012 model year, Ford decided to reunite both international and North American models by releasing the international Mk3 worldwide. The current North American version was thus discontinued, and the new model was launched simultaneously in North America and Europe in early 2011, both having started production late in 2010.

Ford Focus Tuning

Focus ST
In 2012, Ford will offer a new performance-oriented Focus ST. The vehicle will be equipped with Ford's 2.0 liter turbocharged Ecoboost direct injected I4 engine, as well as including Recaro sport seats, high performance brakes, and a sport suspension package.

Ford Focus Interior

 Targeting Generation X and Generation Y in the Focus marketing campaign at its North American introduction, Ford created a now defunct youth-destination website, aired 64 live television spots featuring comedian Annabelle Gurwitch beginning September 6, 1999, during the MTV Video Music Awards, featured the Focus in co-sponsoring Ricky Martin's Livin La Vida Loca North American tour (September 1999), and developed a strategic partnership with the WB Network show Dawson's Creek — including a private live concert event (November 1999), featuring of the Focus in two Dawson's Creek episodes, and a Focus signed by the Dawson's Creek cast auctioned on

Ford Focus
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