Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ford Escape Review

Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has been a staple in Ford's SUV line-up for over a decade. While you won't see dramatic changes in the 2011 model, it is worth a test drive if you're in the market for a new SUV. For some drivers, the lack of changes is a positive. The 2011 Ford Escape will look and feel very much like what you are used to in traditional SUV design.


  • MSRP: $22,810 to $34,125
  • Engine: 2.5 Liter In-Line 4-Cylinder Engine, V6 3.0L Duratec engine is optional
  • Drive: Front-Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive
  • Power: 171 to 240 HP depending on model
  • Tank Capacity: 16.5 gallons
  • Available Models: XLS, XLT, Limited, Hybrid, Hybrid Limited


During test drives, the 2011 Ford Escape handled much as it always has. In comparison to some vehicles with updated designs, the handling and engine may not compare well. The engine may sound a little rough, while the handling will not feel nearly as fluid. However, if you are replacing your older Escape with a new model, you will probably be happy with the test drive. It will feel like a comfortable, new version of your old ride.

Under The Hood

The 2011 Ford Escape comes with a choice of engines. The standard engine is the 2.5 liter four-cylinder that hasn't changed much from the 2010 version. It is rated at 171 Horsepower and 171 pounds of torque. If you need a little more power, upgrade to the 3.0 liter V-6 engine for a 240 Horsepower rating with 223 pounds of torque. With one of the Hybrid Escape models, you will enjoy the four-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor for a total rating of 177 Horsepower.
Depending on your driving habits, this engine can run on electric power alone, gas power alone, or a combination of the two simultaneously. You will never plug this hybrid into a plug; the on-board battery system is self-charging. With the traditional Escape models, a five-speed manual transmission is included with front-drive models, while the V-6 engines are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. The Hybrid models offer a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) design that uses a rheostat-like mechanism instead of a specific set of gears. The 2011 Ford Escape comes with a front-disc brakes paired with rear-drum brakes as well as an antilock brake system (ABS) and an antiskid system for enhanced control.

Interior Features

The interior has not been updated very much when compared to older models. However, you will enjoy the ice-blue interior lighting while the 100% recycled materials used in portions of the upholstery will provide an eco-friendly aspect to purchasing a new vehicle. The active-park-assist feature will be a favorite for the parallel-parking challenges that the inexperienced driver faces, and parents will enjoy the MyKey feature for their newer drivers. It will limit power and audio output while reminding the driver about seat-belt usage.


With the 2011 Ford Escape models, it's pretty safe to say that you will get what you are expecting. This is a standard SUV with many additional electronic features. If you like the handling and features of the older Escape models, you will be pleased with this one.


The 2012 Ford Escapes are expected to be completely re-vamped. If your older vehicle can survive another year, it may be worth it to wait for the redesign. Copyright @ 2011 - Theme by NanLimo - Thanks to Google