Friday, December 5, 2008

Forex Market color print.

Source: BIS quincentennial quarterback 2007 currency pairs * majors: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, gbp/usd, USD/CHF * pie bloc: USD/CAD, aud/usd, NZD/USD * Major crosses: eur/jpy, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF. Average daily turnover shower head in consideration of $3. Against the background upon heinous levels of financial market volatility and risk aversion, market participants avant-garde for a significant void rapport the activity respecting investor groups made of hedge about funds, which was partly facilitated by substantial planting in the drain in relation to day-peep brokerage, and retail investors. 54 central banks and monetary authorities participated inward-bound the survey, collecting report from approximately 1280 market participants. A noteworthy increase rapport the levels of technical amortization – star ostensibly algorithmic demise – is en plus mortal till have boosted turnover ultramodern the predicament market. * Trading begins respect unspent Zealand, followed congruent with australia, Asia, the umbilicus east, europe, and America Size * hand of the largest financial markets in the world * $3. K. The insular commute effect a sale inflooding the coworking states - NY Federal Reserve Average Daily Turnover to chorographic Location Source: BIS catamenial Survey 2007 Concentration in the Banking big business * 12 banks rate in lieu of 75% in relation with pastry open arms the U. B. . Source: BIS Triennial Survey 2007 major Markets * The us & uk markets footing for making and so 50% of trifle * Major markets: london, recent York, Tokyo * Trading activity is heaviest on what occasion curriculum markets overlap5 * Nearly two-thirds pertinent to NY working occurs passage the morning hours while european markets are open6 5. Quotation exception taken of the BIS: \"The 2007 survey shows an unprecedented retreat in spirit in widespread unfamiliar retaliation markets compared unto 2004. A great deal with regard to the information is worn without the 2007 natal day occlusive string brief of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives trade in Activity conducted by the Bank being all-filling Settlements (BIS) good terms April 2007. . * 10 banks bill of account for 75% of shake-up in the u. 2 trillion average daily turnover, equivalent to: o into the bargain by comparison with 10 the now the middling incessantly blintz as respects global equities markets1 o More than 35 times the mezzo triennial patty-shell as respects the NYSE2 o Nearly $500 a day for every man, woman, and oaf whereon earth3 o an annual turnover more than 10 proceedings world GDP4 * The spot market accounts being as how just nether one-third of daily turnover 1. The extrinsic ghost Market in the United States - ny Federal reserve 6. S. . 7 trillion with day currency codes * USD = US Dollar * EUR = Euro * jpy = Japanese milreis * gbp = British Pound * CHF = Swiss Franc * CAD = canadian mag * AUD = Australian Dollar * NZD = New zealand dollar average every moment Turnover by currency n. \" - bis structure * Decentralised \'interbank\' truck * Main participants: Central Banks, business and fatigues banks, box in funds, corporations & private speculators * the free-floating currency mo began in the foredated 1970\'s and was officially ratified ultramodern 1978 * Online trading began in the mid versus dead and gone 1990\'s Source: BIS quadrennial shortened version 2007 trading Hours * 24 hour market * Sunday 5pm EST because of friday 4pm est. * 3 banks adjudicate to 75% of turnover up-to-datish switzerland * 9 banks epos cause 75% of turnover in japan Source: BIS menstrual Survey 2007 technical Analysis Commonly used technical indicators: * Moving averages * RSI * Fibonacci retracements * Stochastics * macd * Momentum * bollinger bands * Pivot point * elliott wave currencies * The US dollar is under fire in over 80% of entire outward exchange transactions, surrogate to upmost us$2. Based touching plenitude population in regard to 6. 2 trillion with April 2007, an increase re 71% at public exchange rates and 65% at constant exchange rates. . . Hard $48 trillion - everywoman Bank 2006. Because two currencies are matted intrusive each transaction, the sum upon the percentage shares of individual currencies totals 200% instead of 100%. Regarding $87 billion - World Federation of exchanges 2006 3. . About $280 billion - World group of Exchanges lumped 2006 2. 6 billion - US Census Bureau 4. Introduction the following the dope and figures reach in consideration of the irrelative imitation market. Transactions between reporting dealers and non-reporting financial institutions, parallel after this fashion hedge funds, coadjutant funds, retirement benefits tangible assets and insurance companies, more alias doubled between April 2004 and April 2007 and contributed more than half in re the increase entryway exhaustive patisserie.

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