Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mid-Week funnies

Time for our weekly roundup of news in the form of editorial cartoons from around the country.


The firings of US Attorneys for allegedly "not prosecuting enough Democrats" is still roiling Washington. After the mini-scandal where it turned out that the prerequisites for choice state department gigs was voting republican and hating abortion, this shouldn't be so surprising. Seems like every time the Democrats are in power for too long they wind up going nuts on spending and every time the Republicans are in power for too long we wind up with graft and cronyism. Regular elections and changes in power are SUCH a good idea!

The buzz around Washington is that Scooter Libby is a shoe-in for a pardon, but that he has to wait until the "politically appropriate" moment. Since he won't be sent to jail until after his appeals, it seems unlikely anyone in the administration will face any fallout for scuttling an intelligence asset. And we wonder why the CIA can't recruit the best people??

Democrats in Washington are finding it hard to deliver on the expectations they face after their recent electoral victories.
Meanwhile the continuing credit implosion is causing ample concerns about effects on the broader economy.
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