Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mid-Week Funnies

Blogger keeps going down (Apache error that takes out the posting page)... but here we go..

Time for the mid-week funnies.

The media is getting in a frenzy over Bush's decision to fire a whole gaggle of US Attorneys who would not serve his political desires. For those who don't know the firings appear to be completely legal, but it seems many Americans would debate the morality of it. People are sensitive about their jobs, after all.
"Scooter" Libby (who was thoughtful enough to have his jail nickname pre-picked) was convicted of lying to investigators. From the information at trial the more interesting thing is that it seems clear that the administration willfully leaked the identity of a CIA agent to try to confuse things about her husband's politics. For anyone wondering why the leaker was not prosecuted -- the way the law is worded the leaking of classified secrets is only a crime if the President doesn't approve of it. Seriously, go look it up! The law was made that way in the Reagan administration.
The Walter Reed veteran's hospital "scandal" is the lousy conditions. Anybody who has been to a big bureaucratically run organizational facility probably isn't surprised. Administrators tend to fix their own air conditioning first, after all. I hardly see it as a specific problem, but the timing was certainly bad and somebody had to be used to generate headlines.

I'm going to do a review of the market drop factors tomorrow, but so far my calls have been pretty spot on recently. And I'll tell you I don't think it's over.
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